Creativity. Efficiency. Flow.

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OPEN Bodywork

The only class of its kind

Developed by Tania Velásquez

It's never the same class twice

Everything you want and need to know

OPEN Bodywork is a refreshing and artful approach to manual therapy based on the principles of movement, touch physiology, and modern pain science.

Ongoing exponential growth

You'll learn how to consistently outdo yourself by capitalizing on what you already know and filling in the gaps, with a guarantee of surprising yourself along the way.

Small classes, tailored just for you

By adapting universal movement principles to bodywork and distilling all modalities down to their core components, you get the keys to unlock your best work.

Eternal value

It took me over TWO decades of trial-and-error to crack the code, but as a result,  you get the benefit of all these shortcuts in just 2 days with OPEN Bodywork.

And it's always so much fun!


You're in for a real treat :) 

Most often we do not need to change anything we're doing, we only need to switch out the lens we view it through to explore the dynamics of our craft with increasing accuracy

You already have the skills and talent. Now you get to realize how much further those can go... and continue going...

With OPEN Bodywork you gain a renewed perspective of what matters most in hands-on practice and in creating an ideal alliance with clients

On the practical side, you embrace your physical creativity and watch your work adopt new meaning, distinctiveness, and flow in a way that only gets better

Fall in love with what you do all over again

Science-based framework

A clear understanding of how tactile feedback and cognitive engagement interact with the nervous system to bring about lasting changes

Practical methodology

Immediate, actionable methods to achieve profound, yet painless impact with minimal exertion

Graceful application

Enhanced ease in practice by learning to leverage your unique physicality, allowing for effortless and fluid applications

Career longevity

OPEN Bodywork is active self-care and a tool for greater body awareness that feels as good to the giver, as it does for the receiver

Up-to-date content

You will embody the nuances of non-verbal communication via touch, while keeping in tune with current research

Material you'll love

Whether you're new to the profession or a 15+ year veteran, there's something for everyone to discover, expand upon, and play with

Flexible Pricing

2% of all net proceeds go community organization, Cape Vineyard, taking action to aid those affected by Hurricane Ian.
100% of the donations they receive go directly towards relief efforts.




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Who this course is for

I designed OPEN Bodywork for professionals striving for stylistic individuality, endless inspiration, and greater physical ease in their practice for career longevity.

  • massage therapists
  • bodyworkers
  • PTs and OTs
  • yoga and somatic therapists
  • other manual therapy professionals

About the Developer of OPEN BODYWORK


Tania Velásquez

Hi, I'm Tania and I've been an MT, movement practitioner, and educator since 1994.

This class was years in development and first launched in November 2017. It continues to evolve, just like you do.

It is my core belief that human interaction cannot be trademarked and techniques should not be treated as "proprietary" products.

Let me show you how to teach yourself how to out-do yourself and fall in love with your work all over again :) 

Love from participants

If you're looking for science-based techniques with tons of heart and playfulness, Tania and OPEN Bodywork overflow with both."


Thank you so much for that class again! I loved it. My technique has changed; my patients love it.


I would recommend this class to anyone who needs CEU’s and wants to experience a very well organized, interesting and engaging class!"



I would like to thank you for your workshop that helps me to understand how important my body mechanics, movement and flow are during my session. All those concepts and practical techniques I have learned from you are so tremendous to improve as well as adapt along with any modalities that I apply. I’m certain to keep practice this technique in the future."

As a new practitioner of Massage Therapy, I found OPEN Bodywork to be transformative to my education, approach in client treatment and even personal philosophy. Having so many questions not simply met with just an answer, but with an unbiased and critical lens, is what made it all tangible for my practical use.

 I have had better results when considering the nervous system before addressing the client’s chief complaint directly. Now, it’s the only way I choose to work. I only wish I could have come across this kind of information at the start of my career. Thank you so very much Tania!" 


About the Course


OPEN Bodywork recognizes we are moving and interacting with unique human beings, not "working on"  muscle tissue

The handholds and body positionings are not dictated by protocols and are easily integrated into your existing approaches.

We achieve depth without discomfort with applications that are precise, playful, and thoughtful. And you get to make them uniquely your own.

There are no protocols.

There is no "routine".

Your body, your practice style, and the people you treat are unique. So, what's the point of yet another cookie-cutter modality?.

The OPEN Bodywork process is efficient, effective, and mutually beneficial. It's been designed to nourish your career longevity and help YOU feel good, too.

Just bring your curiosity to the table and
make it your own.

There are an infinite variety of techniques from all over the world presented by different schools of thought, but there are actually only a few fundamental underlying concepts unifying them all.

OPEN Bodywork frames all of these variations into a no-nonsense and down-to-earth approach that is simple to digest and even simpler to implement. It's effortless. When you're open, you find new inspiration and keep growing.

OPEN Bodywork is about genuine connection. It's where curiosity meets efficiency. It's the place from where we can consistently perform our best work. Best of all... it's lots of fun :)

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