Pinpoint DNM: Sections 1 & 2

5.5 NCBTMB CEs. NY & FL approved. 12-14 CEs will be available in March.

Based on the groundbreaking manual therapy approach developed and pioneered by Diane Jacobs PT.

Presented by Tania Velásquez



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What is DermoNeuroModulation?

DermoNeuroModulation is a nuanced, science-based approach to manual therapy developed and pioneered by Diane Jacobs, PT.

It's gained rapid recognition and popularity throughout the world because of the unique attention given to the often ignored cutaneous nerves in the skin, our largest organ.

The terms dermo meaning skin, neuro referencing the nervous system, and modulating meaning changing, describe the DNM technique (dermoneuromodula​t-​i​​​on) as an active verb or process
(dermoneuromodulat-ing) that involves

● affecting changes in the nervous system
● via focused, interactive engagement of the brain
● through gentle, targeted manipulation of the skin

At its core, DNM is purposeful and simple. The clinical outcomes are consistently positive and longer-lasting for helping with many types of pain, especially where popular textbook approaches have missed the mark. 

Science-based framework

A clear understanding of how tactile feedback and cognitive engagement interact with the nervous system to bring about lasting changes

Sensible methodology

Learn safe and immediately actionable methods to achieve profound results for a variety of (most) musculoskeletal complaints and pain presentations

Practical application

Detailed videos of how-to effectively work with specific tunnel syndromes to ease adverse neural tension and modulate pain perception

Up-to-date content

A lifetime of access to course updates, news, and emergent research pertaining to DNM as the curriculum continues evolving

Retainable material

Pain is complex, but learning about how to best work with it should not be. Our learning formats make knowledge application easy

Added bonuses!

Delightful videos of Diane Jacobs, herself, in action demostrating many of the clinical applications and DNM techniques

What's included?

  • Feature-rich, comprehensive modules
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  • And so much more...

Active learning community

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Lifetime, realtime updates

This course is a living entity. As information changes and research continues to emerge, the course also evolves and remains current.

You'll be updated any time something new is added or changed, and alerted of webinar Q&A dates and other exclusive opportunities.

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Love from participants

 I feel so excited to be learning work thats deeply rooted in modern pain science as the whimsical aspects of body work really were not my style. Highly, highly recommend this course to all body workers interested in working with the nervous system."


PINPOINT DNM opened my eyes to a really insightful theory with practical applications."


I felt like I was in a class and learning and not so much in solitude at home. The organization was on-point, flowed well, kept a steady pace, AND kept my interest.


I’m not a fan of virtual classes, but Tania kept me engaged throughout. You could feel the instructor’s passion for teaching this particular subject. It didn’t feel like the information was forced onto me or explained in a monotonous tone."


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Pinpoint DNM is best suited for health professionals and clinicians who help treat pain with manual therapy:

massage therapists*
physical therapists/PTs
occupational therapists/OT
acupuncturists who practice manual therapy

All Pinpoint participants agree to abide by the laws and regulations pertaining to their region and their professional scope of practice. At the moment, continuing education credits are only available for US-based MTs.

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About the Course

Pinpoint DNM Overview

In this course, participants will learn both the crucial theoretical framework of dermoneuromodulation (DNM) and its practical methodology offered through a hybrid of convenient online learning and/or live classroom instruction.

Specific manual applications are demonstrated under a lens of clinical reasoning aligned with the most current understanding of touch physiology and pain science.

Because the language of physiology is universal, the DNM framework seamlessly incorporates into any modality making it a valuable asset to any evolving practice and of great benefit to many patients and clients, some of whom may not have found relief through other methods.

Course Curriculum


Tania Velásquez

Course instructor

Tania Velásquez has been a manual therapist since 1994. She serves as adjunct faculty in the at the Pacific College of Health and Science-NY, where she teaches kinesiology, orthopedic pathology, and advanced manual therapy. She's also a member of the Research & Education committee at the Massage Therapy Foundation and a contributing author to evidence-based industry publications. But most of all, she’s an eternal student who loves helping people find peace and comfort in their bodies and has a trauma-informed care practice in New York City.

Diane Jacobs, PT

Developer of DNM

Diane Jacobs is a Canada-based physiotherapist with over 40 years of experience and the trailblazing developer of the DNM framework. She's the author of the DermoNeuroModulating textbook and in 2008 helped to establish the Pain Science Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. Diane began teaching DNM around the world in 2007 and since then, the dermoneuromodulation approach has won the accolades of skeptics and changed the game and potential of manual therapy for future generations. She has retired from private practice, but continues educating professionals on more effective ways to work with people in pain.

First time meeting at the San Diego Pain Summit in 2017.
A special BIG thanks to Diane for helping make this course accessible to you!

Photo by Nick Ng of Massage & Fitness Magazine

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Available in multiple languages

Manual Therapy for the 21st Century

The DNM framework is based in solid neuroscience and touch physiology. It's earned the accolades of respected skeptics and the interest of clinicians from a wide range of manual therapy and massage professions.

Versatile and effective

Aside from being its own unique approach, the DNM framework can be adapted to enhance any existing modality. It's ideal in providing relief and rehabilitation of nerve entrapments and tunnel syndromes, neural irritation, muscular bracing or spasm, non-specific discomfort, chronic and persistent musculoskeletal pain, and other presentations of dysfunction.

Easy and safe

The application of DNM is pain-free and safe for almost all patients and clients and eliminates strain on the practitioner's body. "Techniques are slow, light, kind, intelligent, responsive and effective. Positioning of limbs and trunk affects deeper nerve trunks, and is combined with skin stretch directed toward cutaneous fields of nerves that branch outward into skin", as stated by Diane Jacobs.

Pinpoint DNM: Sections 1 & 2

5.5 NCBTMB CEs. NY & FL approved. 12-14 CEs will be available in March.

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