Section 12: Pinpoint Refund & Cancellation Policy

This is only a quick reference of the Refund & Cancellation policy located in Section 12 of the Terms of Service, with additional excerpts of Sections 13, 19, & 26-28. Please review the full agreement here in reference to the terms used on this page which are noted in capital letters (ex. Workshop rather than workshop).  By referencing the Sections on this page, it is implicit that you have read and agreed to the Website Terms of Service in its entirety.

From Section 12 of the Terms of Service
(with additional excerpts of Sections 13, 19 & 26-28):

12. Refund and Cancellation.

There are several types of delivery methods for the services and products provided by Velastion.

The definitions for the following types of delivery methods regarding synchronous and asynchronous classes, courses, modules, lessons, workshops, events, trainings, webinars, bundles, and services (the “Class”) are referenced in Section 12 below and subsequent sections. Refund and Cancellation policies for digital products (“Product”) and tangible material products (“Goods”) are further specified in the Digital Purchase & Use Agreement here:

“Online” is defined as an asynchronous Class whereby the enrollee can access materials at any time, anywhere via an internet connection. All aspects are delivered via written/reading materials, downloadable content, slides, audio recordings, private course-related comment threads or Q&A, and/or pre-recorded video(s) or other media;

“Live” is defined as an in-person, synchronous Class where the enrollee physically attends at a designated location on a specifically scheduled day(s) and/or time(s);

“Virtual” is defined as a synchronous Class where the enrollee attends remotely via the internet or other streaming method in real-time (such as a live streaming webinar). Please refer to the enrollment agreement(s) of a specific Virtual Class for its particular details (conditions may vary);

“Hybrid” is defined as a Class with any combination of asynchronous and/or synchronous delivery methods. Please refer to the enrollment agreement(s) of a specific Class for its particular details (conditions may vary);

“Product” or "Products" is defined as free or paid digital materials that may be provided via download, stream, or online Site access as a single file or combination of .pdf, document(s), eBooks, workbooks, textbooks, video(s), tutorial(s), audio recordings, photos, images, illustrations, guides, and other non-physical or non-tangible materials. A Product may be standalone or included as part of another transaction. Please refer to the Digital Purchase & Use Agreement for specific policies on Product purchases.

“Goods” is defined as free or paid physical, tangible tools, items, printed materials, or merchandise that may be received via postal shipping, Third Party Vendor delivery, or acquired in-person from a Velastion representative or Affiliate.  Please refer to the Digital Purchase & Use Agreement for specific policies on the purchase of Goods.

“Upgrade” is defined as any separate asynchronous and/or synchronous Class, Product, or Goods that can be added to a purchase (ex. a Live workshop may come with an option to add Online video access for long-term learning). Please refer to the enrollment agreement(s) of a specific Upgrade for its particular details (conditions may vary).

“Bundle” is defined as a pre-packaged combination of Class(es), Product(s), and/or Good(s) that may be purchased as a group (ex. Two different Classes that come bundled with a textbook or Online video at a discount, instead of purchasing each one separately). Please refer to the enrollment agreement(s) of a specific Bundle for its particular details (conditions may vary).

By registering for or purchasing an Online, Live, Virtual, Hybrid, Upgrade, or Bundle, or any combination of Class as defined, you agree to have fully read and understood this Refund and Cancellation policy, including Section 18 below. 

  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Payment gateway processing fees and refund charges are assumed by the purchaser and deducted from the total refund amount, in addition to any other non-refundable considerations. You will receive email confirmation once receives your cancellation request and your refund has been processed.
  • Refunds exclude deposits and may be issued only if you notify 14 days prior to the start of a Live or Virtual Class.
  • Partial payment installments for a Live or Virtual Class are non-refundable if not made within 14 days. The enrollee may not be permitted to attend the Class if not paid in full before the Class start time.
  • A processing fee of $50 is deducted from any refund issued for a Live or Virtual Class, or a Hybrid Class with Live or Virtual features if not made within 7 days of initial registration.
  •  There are no refunds if you withdraw from a Live or Virtual Class less than 14 days prior to the start of a Class or if you fail to attend.  
  • No refunds are issued for an Online Class or digital Product.
  • No refunds are issued for a Class that has exceeded its trial period, is already in progress, or has been accessed or taken in part or in whole.
  • Universal precautions and sanitary practices must be adhered to at all times during a Live Class. Failure of a participant to practice basic safety and sanitization procedures may result in their immediate removal from a Live Class without refund.  
  • All Live Class participants are required to follow local laws and regulations around COVID-19 prevention protocols. If a participant is showing symptoms of any potentially contagious condition, they may be required to leave. Failure to comply with health guidelines and safety protocols may result in immediate removal from a Live Class without refund, as this may be considered a legal liability. However, if available, access to online resources or recordings of that Class or other Bundle may be substituted.  

Please be aware that in order to receive CEUs or CECs (continuing education units or credits. "CEs"), certificate of completion, or any certification for a course, you must attend and pay for the entire course. There are no makeups or partial CEs granted. No refunds are issued for Online courses or digital Upgrades. In order to receive CEs for an online course, you must complete the entire course. There are no partial CEs granted. No refunds are issued for electronic downloads or printed Class materials under any circumstances.

A Class is considered complete once a Certificate of Completion for a Class has been generated and issued to the purchaser and/or all other noted criteria for that Class has been met. Only one (1) Certificate of Completion and associated CEs may be claimed per purchase or enrollment, per person, and used for reporting purposes to regulating authorities.

13. Affiliates

“Affiliate”, “Affiliates“, "Partner" or "Partners" is defined as an individual, a business and/or non-business entity, educational institution, or format operating outside of of which indicates there is a recommendation or agreed upon endorsement in association with Velastion . Affiliate sales, purchases and/or enrollments are to be deemed separate, independent business transactions, and it is further understood that Affiliate enterprises are not conducted by Velastion, the Site, or a direct representative or employee thereof. Contact the Affiliate for cancellation and refund requests, as their policies may override this Agreement.  

Though we do not have control over the way other entities may operate, we make every effort to recommend quality services and products and will address circumstances accordingly. If there is an issue with an Affiliate, please let know immediately via email at, so we have a record of the matter in the rare event it is deemed necessary to reconsider our partnership with an Affiliate.


19. Events Beyond’s Control. and its affiliates or representatives will not be liable for any loss resulting from a cause over which they do not have direct control, including but not limited to sudden illness, accidents, or family emergency, which may render an instructor physically unable to instruct a class; failure of electronic or mechanical equipment or communication lines; telephone or other interconnect problems; computer viruses; unauthorized access; theft; operator errors; severe weather, earthquakes, or natural disasters; strikes or other labor problems; wars; or governmental restrictions.


26. Image Release Waiver

You acknowledge and are aware photographs, videos, audio, and other references or records of you (“Likeness”) may be recorded during any Live, Virtual, and/or Online classes or events (“Workshops”) affiliated with Velastion. You grant Velastion and any Pinpointeducation Entity, the unrestricted and irrevocable right to use any Likeness in which you may be included, for curriculum, editorial, advertising, and any other purpose in any manner; and to alter and composite the Likeness in any medium without restriction and without inspection or approval. In accordance with Section 6, you understand and agree Velastion retains full ownership and rights to any Likeness and you will not be compensated. You agree to release Velastion, its legal representatives, and any Pinpointeducation Entity from any and all claims and liability relating to said Likeness, as in accordance with Section 21.


In consideration of the services of Velastion including, but not limited to its agents, owners, officers, volunteers, participants, employees, educators, contractors, affiliates, and all other persons or entities acting in any capacity on its behalf (“Pinpoint Education”), you acknowledge and agree to release, waive, hold harmless, and discharge Pinpoint Education and any Pinpointeducation Entity of any and all claims past, present or future, on behalf of you or any of your representatives, as in accordance with Section 21.

You acknowledge and understand Pinpoint Education Workshops may include physical movement and interpersonal contact. As with any related activity, the risk of injury to you, other participants, and third parties is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. You agree to inform Pinpoint Education as well as any participant(s) you engage with of any existing or pre-existing health conditions, injuries, or other medical concerns. If you experience any pain or discomfort during classes you agree to communicate and/or stop and ask for support from Pinpoint Education.

You promise you will only apply the skills gained through Pinpoint Education if they are within your legal scope of practice and agree to uphold the highest ethical standards. You further acknowledge and understand any Workshops affiliated with Velastion, Pinpoint Education, and any Pinpointeduction Entity are not substitutes for examination, diagnosis or treatment by a physician and you will promptly consult your medical provider for any physical or mental health concern you, your client(s), or patient(s) may have.

You hereby expressly agree and promise to accept and assume all assumptions of risks, known or unknown, that may be present in any Velastion and Pinpoint Education Workshops. You further acknowledge that Pinpoint Education may, at its sole discretion remove or bar you from participation in any Workshops, without refund or credit, in order to prevent injury or inconvenience to yourself or others.

28. Miscellaneous.

You represent that you have read this Agreement, understand its terms, and agree and intend to be legally bound by it. You acknowledge that, in providing you access to and use of the Site and voluntary participation in any Workshops, has relied on your agreement to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

For any questions, suggestions, or concerns related to these Terms & Conditions, please send a message at

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